Thinking Highly of Yourself Improves Romance

One surprising piece of advice comes from clinical psychologists on how to have a good romantic relationship: have a good relationship with yourself. If you think highly of yourself, that’s a good predictor that you will find satisfaction in your romantic relationship. The chances for a good relationship are even higher if both you and your partner each have high self-esteem.

You can start to improve the way you think of yourself by identifying one thing you know you’re good at doing. Think of one thing you like about yourself. Then expand on that starting point by looking for other good points.

Think of the relationship you have with yourself as the foundation for all your other relationships. If you look for good things, you are more likely to find good things. The same goes for the way you see your partner. The more you look for good, the more good you will find.

Higher self-esteem will help you when you run into conflict with your partner. Studies show people who think their partner is committed to the relationship and who have high self-esteem act more constructively. People with low self-esteem don’t respond positively during conflict even when they believe their partner is committed.


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