The Not-So-Serious “Deal Breakers” You Can Ignore On The First Date

If you’re smack dab in the middle of your dating life, meaning – you haven’t found anyone remotely close to settle down with, then it’s important to make sure that your “deal breakers” aren’t too rigid. When going out on dates, or meeting new people, deal breakers are those things that you look for that let you know whether or not you want a second date. While there are some “red flags” or “deal breakers” that shouldn’t be overlooked, there are some that may be a little too unreasonable. Take a look at these minor signs and quirks that can totally be overlooked:

Showing up late: If your date shows up late, remember that mistakes happen. Life happens. That’s no reason to toss them out them out the door.

Being quiet: Don’t judge your date too harshly if they are quiet. It could be that they are shy. Many people have a tough time opening up to new people.

Talking too much: On the opposite end of being too quiet, is talking too much. Try not to judge too harshly if your date talks too much. That could be their way of trying to cover up their nerves.

They broke wind: We’re humans and humans fart. Don’t allow that to turn you off. It could’ve been what they ate, it could also be nerves, or maybe they have a sensitive stomach.

Playing with their food: Did your date spend all evening just twirling the spaghetti? Some people have a hard time eating in front of others and may not be totally comfortable filling their face in front of you yet.

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