Fitness Blogger Reveals How To Build a Big Bum

Perky, round bums are all the rage these days and Instagram is full of fitness models to prove it. Instead of watching and admiring, you now have a guide to achieving the look thanks to UK-based fitness blogger, Emma O’ONeil. She has shared a detailed explanation  of her personal lower-body transformation journey.

In a nut-shell, her secret to getting a perkier bum is lifting heavy weights and consuming more calories. Check out the rest of Emma’s secrets for yourself!

What Won’t Help – Air Squats

If you’ve been doing air squats for a while, you may be disappointed in the lack luster results. Emma insists that this is because air squats are not as effective.

What Will Help – Weightlifting

Don’t be afraid to start lifting weights. Reason being is because you want to put a lot of tension on your muscles and make them work hard. Heavy weightlifting doesn’t mean too heavy. It just means heavy enough for you to handle. She also suggests picking up a barbell, squatting, deadlifting and hip thrusting while also compounding movements.

Best Booty Exercises

Her best booty exercises are the barbell hip thrusts, glute bridges, deadlifts, lunges, and leg presses. Also, in your training you should include isolation exercises which are lighter. They include kickbacks, donkey kicks, and high rep squats. Don’t let your workout consist completely of the lighter exercises. They should be what you finish your workout with.

What Else Helps – Eating A lot of Carbs

To help with your new muscle growth, you’re going to have to consume more carbs and protein. Even if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, this will work.

Last but not least, this will require patience. You won’t get a perky bum in a few weeks. But, if you keep this up, you’ll have a nice bum in a few months.

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