Send Sensual Messages To Your V-Day Date With These Body Cues

For ages, silent cues have been used in order to woo someone we find attractive. From batting our eyes to licking our lips to arching our backs, women have the ability to make a move without ever saying a word.

If you have a date this Valentine’s Day, and want to send some serious flirtatious signals, then check out the body language guide below.

For Flirting

If you want to fire off the sparks between you and your guy, one of the most powerful ways to do it is with the eyes.

The Eyes: Throughout the date, lock eyes with him long enough for him to notice, and then quickly look away. This is a great way to give off a tantalizing feeling in a man.

The Glance: Another move you can try is to look at your man through partially closed eyelids from the side. Drop the gaze after he notices.

For Seducing

If you want to speed past flirting and into seductions, here’s how:

The Lips: Calling attention to your lips is a very powerful sign of seduction. Lick your lips slowly or slightly pout the mouth.

The Skin: You can give off a strong flirting signal by protruding the upper body area and calling attention to the cleavage.

The Walk: If you really want to lock a man’s attention on you, accentuate the roll of your hips when walking in front of him.

The Legs: When sitting, slowly cross and uncross your legs while he watches. Call attention to your thigh muscle. This raises a highly erotic feeling in a man.

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