Legendary Fights That End A Marriage

Marriage isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to put in a lot of effort and steam to make it work. And even then, sometimes it doesn’t work out. While you may think an affair is the #1 reason for divorce, there are actually other reasons that a marriage could end.

One of the biggest reasons for a breakup is the inability to agree on money. Financial problems can make a huge difference between a marriage making it or not. If one person is a big spender and the other one is a big saver, it can ruin goals and thus ruin the marriage.

Another big reason for the “end” could be lack of appreciation. If one spouse feels they are carrying the bulk of the labor and never hear thank you, that can cause resentment. But just as worst as lack of appreciation is talking smack behind the other person’s back. If you’re in a relationship where one or both of you constantly diss the other one to their friends, that will end of the marriage quick.

Never seeing things from your partner’s point of view is another reason a marriage can end. Naturally, the two of you will be different, but never being able to see things from that person’s point of view makes you seem like a very hard hearted and uncompromising person.

Another big fight that can end a relationship is not knowing when to let something go. Sometimes it’s just best to walk away. But, if you never walk away and always push for fights that’s a dangerous sign that you can’t calm yourself down.


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