How To Get Your Ex Off The Brain This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can feel like a perfectly cruel holiday if you just went through a breakup. If your recent breakup was from a short term relationship, it can leave you feeling used. On the other hand, if your breakup was from a long term relationship, you may be dealing with a deep feeling of sorrow.

Why it may be easier said than done, don’t wallow in sadness. It’s not good for you. Plus, you don’t want to give your ex the satisfaction. Take these recommendations to get your ex off your brain this Valentine’s Day:

#1 – Spend time with other people who care about you. Whether it’s friends, parents, siblings or cousins…spending V-Day with other people who care about you will boost your mood.

#2 – Take Valentine’s Day off of its pedestal. People put so much focus on this one day and when it isn’t what they wanted it to be, they feel let down Treat it for what it is – just another day. This will help you get your mind off of the ex.

#3 – Treat Yourself To a Home Spa. Use this time to pamper yourself. Give yourself a facial. Take a long bubble bath. Do what ever it takes to make yourself feel like royalty.

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