Dating a Friend Can Be Worth the Risk

Dating a friend can wind up with you losing the friend without gaining a loving partner. The risk can be worthwhile, however, when that friend turns out to be The One.

Before you act on your attraction, ask yourself if your friend would make the kind of romantic partner you’re looking for. Do you share interests and values? If your friend caring, dependable and loyal? If you’ve seen him cheat on partners or dabble in serial relationships, heed the warning signs and steer clear of a romance with him.

You can make the transition from friends to loving partners a little bit easier if you’re upfront about your feelings. Tell him you have feelings and then see what he has to say. Being honest and direct can save you a lot of grief and agonizing, even though being vulnerable is difficult.

If ever there is a time to go slow when it comes to sex, this would be it. Introducing sex into the relationship before your emotional connection is solid makes going back even more difficult. You will have exposed a vulnerability that can’t be reversed.

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