Conflict Is Part of Any Relationship

00Does the man in your life scream and yell when differences come between you? Or does he totally shut down, walk away and hide out in his garage workshop until dinner? If you’ve been wondering why he reacts to disagreements the way he does, take a look at his family. There will be clues to their pattern of conflict resolution, and you’ll see whether he repeats the pattern or avoids it.

Dealing with differences can make or break a relationship. Running into some conflict is simply part of being in a relationship no matter who you are with. It’s all part of the package. Sure, sexual compatibility is important, but you can also run into conflicts over families, finances, and even friends. You’ll have to cope with conflicts that emerge from these differences.

Recognize that some conflict is part of any relationship. How you manage your disparities is more important that what the differences are.

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