How Aquarius New Moon Could Affect Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We’ve survived the eclipse, the super blue moon and now we’ve just got to get through Valentine’s Day in tact. With the Aquarius new moon coming up the day after Valentine’s Day, you’re probably wondering how it will affect you.

While this isn’t scientifically proven, here’s what you can expect to look forward to…

According to astrology extraordinaire, Amelia Quint, you shouldn’t expect a super romantic Valentine’s Day. That’s because Aquarius isn’t romantic.

However, this sign loves novelty, so be on the look out for a chance to try something new and spicy!

Also, New Moons represent a time of letting go the things that are holding us back or slowing us down. That way you can make way for the fresh and new.

What does that mean for you? Whether it’s something major like a breakup, or minor like not eating at your favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day, keep in mind that it’s important to let go of things that don’t best serve you.

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