Workout games for kids and adults

Kids these days are always staying inside, glued to some sort of screen. It’s hard to get them out there and be active if there’s nothing fun to do. The following activities are just the thing to encourage them to start playing outside. What’s better, they’re great for parents too!

Bike riding

A classic recreational activity that everyone’s done at some point. Teaching your kids how to ride a bike will be a worthwhile effort that lasts a lifetime. Take a biking trip together as a family on local nature trail or your own neighborhood. Bike riding is an excellent work out for the leg muscles as well your cardiovascular system.

Play ball!

So many sports, so many different sports balls! Try out a variety of different games. Dodgeball may not have its own Super Bowl event, but don’t count it out! This game covers all the essential areas, from arms, legs, core, and cardio. Baseball, the timeless American game, has similar benefits. Your child may even find their passion and aim for the Big League!

Soccer, kickball, and other leg-based sports are great for those who don’t like to use their hands. It’s possible to burn up to 215 calories per hour when you play!

Jump, jump, jump rope and trampolines.

Surprisingly, jumping up and down is actually beneficial! The size of the trampoline doesn’t matter, though your kids might enjoy having a big space to bounce around in. It exercises the legs muscles as well as builds up the core.

Jump ropes is an even simpler way to get actively hopping. Switch your feet up, sing while doing it, just have fun! 100 skips per minute can burn 10.5 calories. If that isn’t challenging enough, you can increase it even higher. See how many you can do, and see if your family can beat your record.

Hula hoops

Another activity known for having people constantly trying to beat records in it. Swinging your body round and round is a great way to build your abs. Just make sure not to whack anyone by accident!


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