Three Qualities Your Child Actor Will Need

The biggest thing a parent can give a child actor is support to make sure their egos and self-esteem stay intact. Acting can be a tough job for children, and you want to give them the tools they need so they’ll feel ready to give a good performance. Working as an actor demands that a child deliver a standout performance every time.

When time for the audition arrives, an actor will be called on to deliver. When your child starts booking acting jobs, he will be expected to perform at the level of adult working actors. Work with your child so that he can present a professional performance at both audition and performance.

These are three very important qualities you child will need to act as a professional. You can work on these with him at home.

Stage Presence. Can your child walk into an audition room full of strangers and introduce herself? Let her get comfortable by greeting new people. Your child may be a pro at putting on a show for you in the living room, but has he performed in front of others? Ask him to try out his act in front of family members he doesn’t often see. Your child will need to be at ease as the center of attention with all eyes on him.

Articulation. Will your child speak up loud and clear when a casting director asks for her name? She’ll have one chance to stand out among the 100 candidates auditioning. Mumbling under pressure guarantees she won’t be delivering lines for the director. Stand in for the casting director at home and let her practice announcing her name and age.

Memorization. Your child will be expected to deliver memorized lines on set. Get him prepared. Have him practice reciting the alphabet or singing a song or remembering a grocery list. Ask him to tell you the story of the movie you watched together.


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