Modeling for Everyone!

Modeling is so much more than fashion shows and photo shoots. There are so many types of modeling -runway, commercial, fashion, plus-sized, parts modeling, YouTube stars and Instagram sensations – that your child is sure to find one (or more) that fits.  The ever-expanding number of media platforms encourage unique looks, styles and talents. As your child grows, it will become more apparent what type of modeling they are physically suited for, but it’s easy to get started at any age in some area of the modeling world.

Certain types of modeling may be better suited to act as starting points for your child’s career:

Commercial models can be any age, any size, and any height.  Commercial models can do everything that isn’t normally associated with high-fashion, such as product ads (housewares, food products, travel industry, tech devices, the list goes on) and pose for magazine ads, print ads, catalogs and so on.  If your child is interested in acting or performing as well as modeling, television ads are a terrific way to hone their performance skills and become comfortable in front of the camera.

Print models are used for several types of publications such as magazines, print advertisements, billboards, posters, calendars, campaigns, booklets, flyers and banners.  As with commercial modeling, this is a good area for a child model to start. Personality shows through in print, so your child can let theirs shine!

Online platforms have no defining characteristics for success. YouTube, Instagram, YouNow, Wattpad and other platforms are much more personality driven. Often these platforms allow a child to express themselves and gain confidence in a secure arena, which can then be expressed offline. An online presence highlighting your child’s look and personality is a plus in the talent industry. Remember, anything that is posted online can be permanently part of your child’s life, so be careful and considerate when crafting your child’s online presence.

As your child grows and matures, their body type can help steer them towards additional areas of modeling:

Fashion models, in general, walk on runways at fashion shows and pose for editorial photo shoots. The prerequisites for this type of modeling are typically being tall and thin in stature. While there are sometimes roles for children in fashion shows, fashion modeling in general is geared towards older teens and up.

Plus-sized model no longer has a height requirement, but agents are looking for approximately size 8  and above. They can be hired as catalog models for plus-sized clothing brands, among all other industry opportunities.

Parts models specialize in modeling individual body parts such as hands, feet, legs and eyes. A model doesn’t need to be of a certain body type to qualify for this type of modeling; the appropriate body part just needs to meet the specific criteria required.

Art models work with visual artists. The model is the subject of the intended art piece, usually being required to pose while the artist interprets and creates a piece of art.  They can use the model as a real-life visual aid.  There are many mediums an art model can participate in – paintings, illustrations, sculpture, photography and more.  This can be a different type of modeling experience for a child, and if your child has the patience and self-control to succeed as an art model, it is great training for the challenges of the talent industry in the future.

No matter what type of modeling your child is drawn to, remember that the most important thing is that they are enjoying their work and staying confident in themselves.

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