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If you’re a parent, you’ve undoubtedly wondered how to best prepare your child for the future, and part of preparing your child for the future is ensuring they have the best opportunities for higher education. Parents today are often fixated on getting their children involved in various activities at a young age so that they may qualify for scholarships when it comes time to attend college. For many, this means signing your child up to play soccer, tennis, or any other sport in the hopes of someday earning an athletic scholarship to a great school. However, there are just as many (if not more) scholarship opportunities for the performing arts at esteemed institutions across the country.

Whether it be for singing, dancing, acting, or playing an instrument, there are countless scholarships for students of various talents and skillsets all with the intention of giving young students the opportunity to further develop their skills. Whether it be extra cash to make paying for college a bit easier or access to prestigious professional programs and workshops, these scholarships exist to help those who wish to contribute to the arts.  They may range anywhere from a few hundred dollars’ worth in grants to full-ride scholarships for studying at universities and arts centers. Some even give access to classes taught by renowned performers and musicians in the performing arts world. Applying for them is also relatively straightforward, often only requiring that applicants pursue a major (or career) in a performing arts discipline. Some of the more prestigious and well-funded scholarship programs may require additional materials, such as a portfolio demonstrating musical, vocal, acting, or dancing skills, and sometimes require in-person performances. Regardless the expertise, every student has the chance to earn a scholarship for their particular skill level and professional goals.

Earning a scholarship isn’t the only way performing arts can help students get into great colleges. Many institutions are seeking students that are well rounded with demonstrated commitment to their own passions. Showing years of dedication to something that requires a lot of time and effort is an admirable trait that admissions counselors are sure to recognize. Developing one’s talents in the world of music, dancing, and acting not only shows discipline and motivation, but also breath and exposure to culture and the arts. Getting involved in the performing arts also helps to grow creativity and ingenuity – two characteristics that become invaluable when trying to stand out as an exemplary student. While grades show the quality of a person in the classroom, extracurricular activities are extremely important when it comes to painting a full picture of a student’s character and holistic values.

The most important thing to remember as a parent is to find something that your child truly enjoys doing. Not every child is fit for every performing arts discipline, so let your child find what works best for them. Try singing, dancing, acting, and playing music – and if your child finds something that is fun to do, stick with it and help to develop that talent. If not, it is ok to move on and find a different activity instead of trying to improve something in which your child isn’t personally invested. For this reason, getting involved in the world of casting is a great way to find and develop your child’s talents, and can help them gain the experience they need as they get older and think about life after high school. Whether it be in the performing arts or in athletics (or even a combination of the two), finding your child’s passions and supporting their talents is key to ensuring the greatest opportunities for their success in the future.


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