Where To Find A Last Minute Hotel Stay Fast

If you’ve ever needed a hotel room in a hurry – as in the same night, and hated to scour the web for the best rate, there is a new phone app you should check out.

It’s called Hotel Tonight. It’s free. And its claim to fame is that it can find awesome rates on great hotels in seconds. Unlike sites like Hotwire, or other sites that don’t tell you the name of the hotel until after you book, this app does. That’s right. No mystery about where you’re going to stay.

Not only will it show you the name of the hotel, but it’ll also show you the location, so you can check out the area before you book.

First, download the app, which you can find for free on iTunes or Google Play Store. Then type in the city where you want to stay. It’ll show you a list of hotels for the night at a great price, and all you have to do from there is pick the one you want.

It’s a pretty straightforward process for the next time you need to book in a hurry.

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