Unique Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Are you looking for some unique ideas for baby girl names? You’ve come to the right place. Below, we have put together a list of out-of-the-box names – and their meanings – for you to consider.

Ideas from Woman’s Day

These unique names and more can be found here.


This Old English name is representative of the raven; she is said to be wise beyond her years.


Another English name symbolizing peace; Liv is a common nickname.

Dahlia or Dalia

A Norse name meaning “from the valley.”


No, not like the weather; its meaning entails “abundant blessings from above.”


Harry Potter fans will love this option; it has Greek origins meaning “messenger.”


The Sleeping Beauty princess to some, the Roman goddess of sunrise to others; this Latin name means “dawn.”


For Grey’s Anatomy fans, Calliope, from Greek mythology, translates to “beautiful voice.”

Ideas from Parade

These amazing name choices and more can be found here.


In Hebrew, it means “sweet-faced,” and in German, it means “gracious” – two adequate descriptions for a newborn.


Echo may have been a mountain nymph of Greek mythology, but it sounds much more beautiful on a baby girl.


This short name meaning “wild” or “weaver” originates from a combination of Irish, Portuguese, and Italian heritages.


A close iteration of Jasmine, this Old Persian and French combination is a delicate alternative to the jasmine flower.


A transitional name from the more popular name Alexandra, this Greek rendition means “defender of men.”


The name may be similar to Mia or Maya, but it has a unique spelling meaning “sacred house.”


This popular Slavic name comes from the Greek word “stone.”

Ideas from Family Education

These beautiful names and more can be found here.


Outside of the song “Hey there, Delilah,” it translates to “delicate” in Hebrew.


The meaning of Nina in Spanish is “girl,” but the more complex name can be found in Hebrew, meaning “grace.”


A wise choice that means “useful” in Greek sounds sophisticated and magical.


It may refer to the season in English and Arabic, but the name Summer sounds much more like a breath of fresh air.


An oldie but goodie with a Welsh meaning of “white wave.”


In Greek, this name means “laurel tree.”

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