Things to Do With Your Dog This Summer

The summer season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to plan fun dates with our furry friends! But we don’t want to stick to the basics like going for a walk, visiting a local dog park, or taking a scenic drive. We want more than that! Here are some fun, creative things to do with your dog this summer.

Visit a Farmers Market

What better way to enjoy a sunny day with your pup than visiting a farmers market? Walk down the aisles of fresh fruit and veggies, pick some in-season items for your fur baby to try on the spot, and then grab some to go to chow down together later on! Plus, many vendors now offer homemade dog treats.

Take a Trip to a Vineyard

Water for the doggo, wine for you! Plan a day trip to a local vineyard with your pet pal and let them bathe in the sun. They’ll get so many belly rubs they’ll be dying to return. Plus, a picture-perfect picnic will make for some great photos.

Build a Backyard Agility Course

An outdoor obstacle course for your furry friend? That sounds like heaven on Earth. Search for kits online or visit your local pet store. These DIY projects can range from simple to complicated, so choose something your pup will enjoy. They’ll have a blast and sleep soundly once it’s time to hit the hay.

Attend a Drive-In Movie

If the day has passed and you’re still looking to have fun with your favorite dog, head to a drive-in movie theater to cool down and relax. Break down the seats and set up some blankets. Once you’re set up, it’s time to cuddle and watch the big screen together. Be sure to bring some quiet toys and yummy treats!

Get Out the Kiddie Pool

Playing in the kiddie pool is a sure way to cool down your doggo when it’s hot outside. They can splash, gulp water, and shake it all off. Let them have fun with it! Take it one step further with a game of bobbing for kibble. All you have to do is toss a handful of kibble in the kiddie pool and have your dog fetch the snacks out of the water. You can also do this with human food like blueberries and apple slices.

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