Pots for All Your Plant Babies to Love

This one is for the plant moms everywhere. We know how it feels to run out of nice pots for your babies. Before you buy, think about what you need for your species. Terracotta pots, for example, dry out quickly, so they are great for dry species like cacti and succulents. Ceramic pots will work for most plants unless you’re worried about fragility. Here are some of our top picks for all of your houseplants – big, small, water-loving, hydrophobic, standing, hanging, and more!

Goodman and Wife Natural Terracotta Fat-Walled Garden Planters, Set of Two ($24.99, shop here)

As mentioned, terracotta is perfect for plants that don’t love water. And since these pots have drainage holes, they’re even better for cacti and succulents. You don’t have to worry about water damage to your countertops since they come with trays as well. They are also heavier than similarly sized plastic options, meaning they’re less likely to tip over.

HBServices USA Self-Watering, Self-Aerating, Deep Reservoir Pot (Starting at $12.99, shop here)

If you like the sound of low-maintenance plant parenting, then this self-watering, self-aerating pot is the best option for you. This pot makes sure that your plant always has the proper amount of water and plenty of oxygen so that its roots can grow healthy and strong. It comes in black, blue, green, plum and white, in a range of sizes from six to 12 inches.

Rivet Amazon Brand Midcentury Ceramic Planter With Stand (Starting at $61.39, shop now)

This stylish stoneware planter, complete with a clean iron stand, is perfect for making your plants become snazzy conversation starters. You can build a plant display by pairing a few of these pots, available in white, black, and green in three sizes.

Mkono Ceramic Hanging Plant Holder ($16.99, shop now)

Out of floor and shelf space? Then this planter is for you. It will let you finally add more plants to your collection and show them off appropriately. With macramé holders, these small pots are perfect for adorably storing succulents, small cacti, and more.

Greenaholics Small Succulent Plant Pots, Set of Six ($16.99, shop here)

These tiny hexagonal pots are perfect for desktop or windowsill displays. With six of them in a set, you’ll have plenty to work with.

Which of these planters is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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  1. I love the hexagonal pots and definitely the terra-cotta has been my favorite for years. Really enjoyed these tips and a refresher on picking out plants and pots. Thanks so much!

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