Our Favorite Travel Influencers

There are all kinds of influencers these days – fashionistas, beauty experts, food bloggers – but some of our favorites are the ones that take us with them to places we plan to go, areas we can only dream of visiting, and provide us with tips and dos and don’ts through their own experiences. A few of our favorite travel influencers are listed below!

The Endless Adventure – Eric and Allison

Traveling the world by plane and the United States by RV, Eric and Allison from The Endless Adventure show us the joys and the not-so-fun parts of traveling. We get to see how a long flight or a broken-down RV can take a toll, alongside how fun it can be to ride a camel, drive a tuk-tuk, and explore the Great Lakes. The pair’s infectious energy keeps us tuned into their YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

The Traveling Qipao – Phoebe

What happens when you want to ring in the new year in China, and suddenly the world implements a shutdown? Phoebe of @sophoebelous (The Traveling Qipao) turned it into a positive. Since leaving California and seeding new roots, she’s shown us the beauties of Asia, including the Putra Mosque in Malaysia, the Zhapu Bridge in Shanghai, the ancient city of Pingyao, Registan Square in Uzbekistan, and many more.

Kara and Nate

No one has adventure and wanderlust running through their veins like travel influencers Kara and Nate do. Not only do they share their adventures with us on Instagram and YouTube, but they also created the website FareDrop, which makes affordable airfare accessible. The pair takes us on adventures from the warm tropics to the North Pole and everywhere in between. It is always fun to see the world through this influencer couple’s perspective.

Citlalli Alvarez Martinez

Citlalli (@kaliestrella) is a Mexican-American travel and fashion influencer who posts about travel near and far. Some of our favorite trips highlighted on her account include those to Russia, Peru, and Italy. There is no place she won’t visit if the opportunity arises, and that’s why we love watching her be glamorous all over the globe. She is raw, beautiful, and lively while keeping us posted on the best meal spots and cutest neighborhoods.

Sharla in Japan

If you could pick up and move anywhere, would it be Japan? That is exactly what Sharla did over a decade ago. The Canadian-born vlogger found her way to becoming a YouTube and Instagram persona and travel influencer who shares her visits to onsens, cities, and small towns we should absolutely pack into a visit to Japan.

Do you have a favorite travel influencer? Share them with us in the comments below!

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