Open House: 3 Famous People’s Home You Can Visit

Did you know you can actually visit (and even stay the night) at some celeb homes? It’s actually how Hollywood tour companies make their big bucks.

Here are some famous celeb homes you can visit:

  1. Frank Sinatra: You can spend the night at this home in Palm Springs, CA for anywhere between $2K to $4K a night.
  2. Elizabeth Taylor: This desert vacation home is also in Palm Springs and comes complete with a pool and artwork. You can rent this space for about $1,700 a night.
  3. Prince: You can spend about an hour in Prince’s home in Minnesota for $38.50. You’ll get to tour the studio where he recorded and see his vibrant wardrobe.

Not interested in staying in any of these celebrity homes? Simply do a search for celebrity tour homes to see other home options for you.


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