Why It Pays to Be a Hoarder

Although the term “hoarder” often holds a negative connotation, when it comes to this season’s fashion trends, it finally pays to be one. Forget the organizing tips and de-cluttering tricks; it’s time to sort through your aging and growing stash of clothes and accessories to stay on-trend and make your old wardrobe look new.
If you’re a keeper of all things (especially in terms of your dressers and drawers), the closet pile-up and bedside batch is worth the hoarding hassle – this one and only time. With the revival theme of the fashion industry, 80s, 90s & noughties- inspired looks are back in action. Anything goes! From mod patterns to metallic fabrics and vibrant colors to muted hues, the past is quickly becoming present.
Whether you’re (still) holding onto your vintage denim or visiting thrift stores on the weekend, dust off and try on. To learn ways to reuse & recycle old pieces and lengthen their shelf life, read on.
1. Pledge This
Since pins and patches are back; if you participated in a camp or club as a child, dig deep to find your collection of merit badges. Clip a handful onto your denim jacket and you’re good to go. Shout out to Boy & Girl Scouts of America.
2. Old Flip, New Flop
Along the same line of thought, if you collected coins as a kid, get your search on. With a little handy work, convert the cash into beads, buttons, embellishments or jewelry. It’s all about tossing up, not out.
3. Tie It in a Knot, Tie It in a Bow
With scrunchies and headbands returning to the mix, re-purpose an old kerchief bandanna or scarf to up-date your do.
If you’re not into D.I.Y., no worries! Follow the motto: wear more & spend less.
As long as you have staple patterns and pieces of the time period kicking around, it’s all gravy. Dive deep for your old school plaid, florals, stripes, ruffles, shoulder pads, bucket hats, structured jackets, and tear-away pants.
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