New Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Year

Reading is one of our favorite pastimes, which is why we’ve put together a list of recently released books we are looking forward to reading this year. Hopefully, this list inspires you as well!

She’s Gone – David Bell

Chloe Summers has disappeared, and her boyfriend, Hunter Gifford, has woken up in a hospital to this shocking news. This is where She’s Gone by David Bell begins. Her body is not in the car where the accident occurred. When Hunter returns to school, he is chastised, and a former friend begins an accusatory true crime documentary on the case that blames him for Chloe’s murder. Not long after, Chloe’s mom also points the finger at Hunter.

The Vibrant Years – Sonali Dev

When 65-year-old Bindu Desai inherits $1 million, she is, to say the least, shocked. Her roommate, Aly, her son’s ex-wife, is surprised by Bindu’s decision to move into a retirement condo in Florida. Meanwhile, Cullie, Aly’s daughter, is struggling with her tech business and recruits her mother and grandmother to help her with a new project.

Anastasia – Sophie Lark

When Anastasia was born, she was mostly unwanted. Born to an emperor without a son, another girl is a disappointment. Soon, Anastasia develops magic only Rasputin had before her, which is boosted by a forbidden association with Damien, a Cossack rebel. Anastasia makes a life-changing mistake that she may be able to right but with consequences.

The Light Pirate – Lily Brooks-Dalton

Kirby Lowe is an electrical line worker in Florida, where a hurricane is headed. Kirby’s wife, Frida, is pregnant. Their two sons, Flip and Lucas, go missing just before the storm, causing Frida to go into premature labor. Wanda, named for the impending hurricane, becomes our protagonist in a declining landscape due to climate change.

A Dreadful Splendor – B.R. Myers

Set in Victorian London, A Dreadful Splendor by B.R. Myers features our protagonist Genevieve Timmons, who lands herself in jail for defrauding wealthy mourners by posing as a spiritualist. A stranger who serves Lord Pemberton approaches Genevieve and asks her to perform a seance to help Lord Pemberton reach his late fiancé. He believes she was murdered and wants help bringing the culprit out from hiding.

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