Knitting Tools for Beginners

Knitting has grown in popularity over the years, and now, a new generation of knitters is joining the club. However, knitting can be a pretty daunting hobby for beginners, so here are a few tools you’ll need to help you get started.

Circular Knitting Needles

Whether you’re knitting a hat, a baby blanket, or a throw for your living room, a pair of circular knitting needles will make your life a lot easier. These needles keep your stitches in place and redistribute the weight of your piece to prevent any confusion as you learn how to knit. Circular knitting needles come in many sizes, but most patterns or tutorials will tell you exactly what type you’ll need for your particular project.


Selecting the right yarn is all about the project you’re working on. For example, if you’re knitting a baby blanket but want to use a softer yarn than the one selected by the tutorial guide, you can choose one you prefer so long as it is the same weight as the one recommended.

Patterns (Beginners)

There are countless free knitting patterns available online. For instance, if you’re making a scarf, simply search for “beginners knit scarf patterns” and scroll until you find one you like. Even if you select a pattern without a guide, you can search for videos on how to complete the stitches. Additionally, many beginners opt for books to guide them through the process.


While a pair of kitchen scissors or office scissors will also do the trick, purchasing a pair of knitting scissors is a great way to build your collection of necessary utensils. You will need scissors fairly often when knitting, so having them handy is recommended.

Yarn Needles

You should also equip yourself with yarn needles. Once you finish a knitting project, you’re often left with multiple ends that need to be woven into it, and the easiest way to accomplish this is with a yarn needle. Regular sewing needles don’t have eyes wide enough for most yarns, so it’s best to find a kit that offers a variety of sizes.

Stitch Markers

When getting started with the looks of various stitches, investing in stitch markers is a good idea, as they keep track of where you began a specific pattern so that you don’t have to keep track in your head.

As you begin your knitting journey, make sure you have these tools in your arsenal. You’ll use them for nearly every project, and you’ll be thrilled with the results you’re able to create!

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