How to Host a Game Night That’s Not Lame

“Game night” has a reputation for being a family-oriented activity that’s kid-friendly…but it’s not like that’s a rule or anything. It is possible to host a game night that’s not lame for you and your friends. Get creative to turn this family activity into a night of grown-up fun.

Don’t Neglect the Refreshments

Game night is way more fun if there are some adult beverages involved. Have a selection of beer and cocktails available. A big bowl of spiked punch isn’t out of order, either. Offer snacks for everyone as well. It’s fine to have the usual chips and pretzels, but you can also elevate the evening with some more stylized munchies. Think about making stuffed mushrooms, crostinis, pinwheels and other hors d’oeuvres that will make the event feel like a grown-up party.

Desserts have a way of making everything more fun. Add a touch of elegance to the party with petit fours, truffles and some decadent chocolates. Include sliced fruit as another sweet option that’s healthier.

Think About Seating

You can’t host a good game night in an area with bad flow. Arrange seating so that everyone can sit roughly in a circle or semicircle. Everyone needs to be able to see each other for an effective game night.

Depending on the games you’re going to play, you may also need an open community area near the center of the gathering spot. This may be necessary for games that require clues to be acted out or sketches to be created. If you’re playing board games, you’ll need a central table to support the board and accompanying pieces.

The Games

The games you play are the most important element of any game night. There are a huge variety of games made for adults out there. If you can’t get some interesting grown-up board games, try putting some creative twists on the classic games everyone is more familiar with. Trivia games become more multi-layered when you turn them into drinking games, too. Instead of individual players, take turns asking questions of the group. 

Charades is a fun choice when you pick a theme, such as songs from a specific decade or movies starring an iconic actor. If your friend group can handle it, you can even put an R-rated twist on some games. Instead of dice, have players draw cards. Write some suggestions on index cards, such as “moon the group” or “reveal a secret” and assign a number value up to 12 on each. They can only advance if they perform the required task. Get creative, and you’ll come up with some pretty unique twists of your own.

Have Fun With Game Night

Game night doesn’t have to be a boring event, and it’s not always family-friendly if you can get a little creative. Put a twist on game night with some ideas geared toward having fun, and get your friends together to give game night a whole new definition.

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