How to Give Your Dog the Ultimate Spa-Like Bath Experience (They Deserve It!)

If you have a four-legged family member, we recommend pampering them every chance you get! Here are some of our best tips and tricks for dog owners who want to spoil their pooch.

Benefits of a Spa Day

Aside from spending quality time with your dog, here are just a few more benefits of a pet spa day:

  • Regular baths help your dog maintain a healthy skin and coat.
  • Regular nail clippings are crucial, as unkempt nails can affect mobility and even cause pain.
  • Dogs with long fur often get overgrown around the eyes, so trimming their hair now and then keeps it out of the way, improving their vision.
  • Regular brushing prevents their fur from matting.

Tips for the Perfect Doggie Spa Day

Have a Game Plan

Once you decide to have a spa day for your dog, plan the entire day from start to finish so you can be prepared. The idea is to give your pup a relaxing day and to spend time together, not to make you both stressed and frazzled.

Get the Zoomies Out

Take a trip to the dog park or go on an extra-long walk before spa treatments begin. Not only is this fun for your pup, but getting all the zoomies out will prevent your dog from getting restless during their bath.

Have Your Materials Ready

It’s always a good idea to have all of your materials ready so you can move things right along. This includes doggy shampoo, towels, and treats.

A Warm Bath (and Massage) Goes a Long Way

Dogs work their muscles a lot, so they’ll appreciate a warm bath and gentle massage to help them relax. Plus, doggy shampoo keeps their fur smooth, conditions their skin, and makes them smell great (an all-around win!).

Don’t Forget to Brush

Once you dry off your dog, gently brush them from head to tail. Some dogs may be unsure about a brush, so move slowly, letting them check it out as much as they want.


Ensuring your dog’s nails are trimmed and filed is vital for their well-being – just watch out for the quick, which can cause excessive bleeding if cut.

Consider a New Toy

Hey, it’s a spa day, after all. They might as well get a new toy!

A Little Treat

And speaking of little treats, reinforce your dog’s behavior with treats throughout their spa day

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