How to Decorate a Bohemian Style Bedroom

Bohemian-inspired bedroom decor can be gorgeous, comforting, and creative; however, it’s more complicated than just throwing up a mash of colors, patterns, and dream catchers.

With a cohesive plan, bohemian decor can transform a bedroom into a unique oasis. We’ll show you how to create the type of timeless bohemian decor that will turn your bedroom into the creative and cozy hideaway you’re looking for.


Color is an integral aspect of creating your bohemian haven. It’s essential to choose a cohesive color scheme to avoid a messy rainbow effect. Though you can easily do an all-white room, you can also pick a neutral color and an accent color in several different shades. This will allow your eclectic decor to look purposeful and cozy rather than hectic.


For a bohemian bedroom, you’ll want to create an effortlessly luxurious yet casually comfortable atmosphere. Achieve this by layering different materials throughout your space.

Start with your bed. Choose an intricate, decorative duvet and add a textured throw blanket across it. If you have space, a gauzy canopy will make your bed feel instantly cozy.

Now move to the floor. Find an area rug (in your chose color palette) that will tie the room together and prevent things from looking too random. For added luxury, consider layering two or more rugs. Another opportunity to add fabric to your room is a window—find some unique curtains to drape whimsically over any windows. Is bohemian decor really bohemian without a tapestry?


Lighting might not seem like a fun aspect of decorating, but there are so many ways to light your room, and it’s one of the most significant changes you can make. Bohemian decor requires intricate lighting; think flickering candles of different sizes dotting the room, leaving a warm glow. You’re not going to want to light 20 candles every time you walk into your room, though, so look for antiquated or unconventional pieces that will give the same result. Lantern style lamps and string lights will give your room that perfect diffused glow.


Bohemian decor wouldn’t be complete without a little green. A cat palm or two will help transform your room into an oasis—and they’re very easy to care for. A climbing vine plant like Philodendron or Pothos gives a sense of movement to the decor. Now just add a flowering plant like a peace lily or a Phalaenopsis orchid for a pop of color.

If you’re on the wanted list for the murder of a few plants, try getting several gorgeous vases and invest in a few bouquets of cut flowers, fake flowers, or fill a few terrariums with succulents.


This is where bohemian decor can lose focus and become cluttered—patterns are both essential and challenging to incorporate. You’ll want to work with several distinct patterns to give a sense of movement and abundance that’s central to bohemian decor. A tip to simplify your life when adding patterns: let your pieces share at least one color and attempt to stay in the same pattern family (geometric, paisley, etc).

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