How to Avoid Seasickness

If you are going sailing or embarking on a cruise, you may be worried about getting seasick. Knowing that it’s possible to prevent seasickness can go a long way toward ensuring a pleasant vacation. First, you should be aware that you may be more susceptible to seasickness if you are prone to motion sickness in cars, airplanes, or carnival rides. If you are likely to develop unwanted queasiness at sea, these tips may prevent seasickness from occurring.

Drinking plenty of water and eating enough to keep something in your stomach are important in avoiding seasickness. Just try to avoid fatty or spicy food.

Take deep breaths of fresh air. Find something to focus on that will distract you from thinking about queasiness or nausea. Keep busy with an activity that will occupy your mind with anything other than the motion of the ship.

When on deck, face forward instead of looking to the side. Use the horizon as your true point of reference while your brain adjusts to this new unstable environment. Try sleeping it off. Lying down in a deck chair in the fresh air often helps many people.

Try to get a cabin where there is less motion. Cabins that are subject to less motion are those on the outside {look for one with a window), mid-ship and on a lower deck.

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