Home Design Trends for 2024

Are you looking to redesign your home in 2024? Look no further! Here are some of the top trends of the year!

Fluted Cabinets

(image via real simple via parsons i.d./shanna hickman)

For 2024, homeowners no longer want flat-faced cabinets, vanities, and islands. Instead, they’re leaning toward fluted doors and drawers. Not only do they add an aesthetically pleasing visual, but they also make other items in the room stand out.

The Color Blue

(image via forbes via houzz/brittany lyons interiors/mike healey photography)

Neutrals never go out of style, but for 2024, they aren’t the #1 color palette. Various shades of blue are in for 2024. That means if you’re looking to revamp your walls, you know where to start. Decorations and everyday housewares may follow suit.

Appliance Garages

(image via martha stewart via kate roos design/andrea rugg photography)

Appliance garages are designed to tuck away appliances like blenders, coffee makers, and toasters so they’re not “out in the open.” You may still be able to see these necessary gadgets, but they give the illusion that they’re nicely kept and put away.

Statement Pieces

(image via house beautiful/simon bevan)

Filler pieces are boooo-ring. Replace them with one conversation starter per room, whether sculptural furniture, intriguing art, or an eclectic coffee table centerpiece. Just make it interesting for the sake of interior design!

L-Shaped Sofas

(image via house beautiful/simon bevan)

Seating arrangements are not what they used to be. For 2024, homeowners are starting to prefer more versatile L-shaped sofas and chaise lounges. These options comprise modular components, allowing you to break sections apart to rearrange however you see fit. Some even come with hidden storage compartments to tuck extra blankets and pillows away when necessary.


(image via martha stewart via rochelle lee interiors/shanna wolf photography)

Herringbone is back and better than ever: It now goes diagonally and vertically, not just horizontally. With various options, you can easily add a fresh interior design pattern to any kitchen or bathroom.

What home trends are you looking forward to this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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