All The Celeb Responses to Coronavirus on Instagram

We’re all worried about the spreading of the coronavirus, and one aspect of this pandemic that makes it feel so threatening is seeing how it affects every one of us, from all different parts of the world.

It was only a matter of time before we heard about celebrities being affected by coronavirus. Of all people, beloved and wholesome, Tom Hanks was one of the first to test positive and announce his status. Since then, many other celebrities have responded to the coronavirus on Instagram. Here’s what’s happening in the world of coronavirus and celebrities.

Olga Kurylenko — The actress famous for her role as the Bond girl in Quantum of Solace admitted she tested positive for coronavirus and detailed her symptoms on Instagram.

Watt — The musician Andrew Watt shared his total experience after catching the coronavirus, from initially not believing the possibility of realizing he was positive for the virus.

Kate Hudson — As usual, don’t read the comments. Poor Kate posted a grainy photo of her masked face during a flight and drew a firestorm of criticism about using the wrong type of mask and having a mask while there’s a shortage (even though the photo is dated to before they announced the shortage). Even during a pandemic, haters gonna hate.

Daniel Dae Kim — If we could pick anyone to tell us about the struggle of experiencing the coronavirus first hand, it would be the actor known for his role in the series Lost, who delivers serious information with a gorgeous smile. Hey, we’ll take a little joy anywhere we can get it, including from Daniel Dae Kim.

Colton Underwood — Famous for being The Bachelor bachelor, Underwood shared his perspective and protocol after finding out he tested positive for coronavirus. Maybe it’s time to engineer some social distancing date ideas for the show.

Andy Cohen — After a few self-quarantine flavored OOTD posts, Andy finally toned down the staycation vibes once he tested positive for coronavirus. The total mood shift is an excellent reminder that this virus is no snow day.

Cardi B — No celebrity seems to take the coronavirus as serious as Cardi B, who’s been going off the rails and has essentially become the coronavirus’ anti-PR campaign manager.

Celebrities might seem larger-than-life, but there’s nothing like a highly infectious virus to remind us that we’re all connected and mortal no matter how famous we might get.

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