Night-time Routines For Gorgeous Morning Hair

You may wonder how to achieve gorgeous looking locks when you have minimal time in the morning. The secret is night time prep, products, and tricks that you can do just before you go to sleep to ensure you wake up with fantastic hair your friends will envy!

Overnight Treatment

If your hair is dry or suffers from knots and breakage, then you should introduce some deep conditioning, overnight treatments at least once a week to restore hydration levels for soft, smooth hair. There are many products available, but try to find one that you can apply to dry hair, leave on overnight, and then wash off in the morning. You will notice a big difference in how much better your hair feels, and over time this will improve the condition of your hair. If you’re looking for great ingredients for your mask, look no further than your kitchen. Combine olive oil with coconut oil and brush into hair. Let sit at least 1/2 hour or overnight, and rinse.

Night Time Waves 

If you can curl your hair with straighteners, then we get it – you’re a genius…BUT what about us girls that struggle to get the look we want and also don’t have the time to be fighting with various styling tools first thing in the morning? An effortless yet effective way to achieve a soft wave overnight is to wash and mostly dry your hair with your hairdryer, being sure to apply any products you use as you go. Once your hair is mainly dry, brush it all back and gently twist it into a small, twisted bun at the bottom of your head. Leave this in overnight, and come morning time, you will have beautiful soft waves that look natural and effortlessly glam.

Dry Shampoo 

Although dry shampoo is a must-have for quick on-the-day hair fixes, it’s actually a lot more effective if you spray your hair with it the day before. Brush your hair and spray some dry shampoo throughout your hair before going to sleep, and you will wake up with extra body and volume as well as grease-free hair!

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