A Guide to Fridge Organization

We can’t be the only ones that love watching people on TikTok organize and restock their fridges. We also can’t be the only ones who fully believe we can have #FridgeGoals. Here is our complete guide to organizing your fridge!

First Things First

Start by taking out all of the items in your refrigerator and tossing anything you know you won’t eat or that is expired. Once the fridge is empty, wipe down all shelves and drawers before you continue.

Store Smartly

Added to the list of things we didn’t learn in school: how a fridge works. What we mean is there are “zones” where certain foods should go that ensure they stay fresher for longer. For example, the top shelf and the doors are the warmest spots, so these are ideal spots for condiments, eggs, and spreads. The middle and bottom shelves get progressively cooler, making them best for meat and milk. Fruits and vegetables should always go in the crisper.


We love fresh herbs, but they tend to wilt really fast. To give them a longer shelf life, keep herbs in a glass jar of water on the inner door shelf.

Keep It Clean

Opening your fridge and seeing a bunch of labels and packaging isn’t aesthetically pleasing. To combat this, swap out packages for clear bins and jars. These HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins ($30.68, shop here) can be bought in sets of up to 14 pieces. We also love this Egg Holder ($9.99, shop here) for eggs. And for milk, juice, iced coffee, and creamer, we recommend these Clear Milk Carton Water Bottles ($34.99, shop here). Not only will your fridge look good, but having clear bins means you can keep an eye on the freshness level and quantity of food and drinks.

Put a Label on It

Labeling bins means everyone, including you, can find what they’re looking for when they open the fridge. It will also help when people go to put things back!

Time-Sensitive Foods Should Be Front and Center

We often forget about things in our fridge until they go bad! Bins will keep you organized, but take it one step further to ensure the perishables stay front and center, so you see them every time you open the door as a friendly reminder.

Divide and Conquer

Keeping fruits and vegetables separated instead of throwing them all in the same bin on top of each other can make meal prep a breeze and keeps everyone aware of what fruits and vegetables are available. Keeping them separated is easy with these Drawer Dividers ($25.79, shop here).

Carousel of Condiments

If you love condiments, your door storage may not provide enough space. A simple way to solve this problem is by putting all condiments on a Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer ($18.99, shop here) inside your fridge.

Drip Drop

Meat, fish, and anything else that could leak should be stored on the bottom shelf. Adding liners will also make cleaning up any mishaps easy. They also keep air circulating around your food, which keeps the mold at bay. This nonslip, nontoxic Bloss Shelf Liner ($9.99, shop here) is waterproof, oil-proof, and has no chemical odor.

Do you have any fridge organization tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

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