2023 Home Decor Trends

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2023 is right around the corner, and with a new year comes new trends. Now, while many people think of trends in terms of clothing, shoes, and accessories, we can’t help but think about what home decor trends we’ll be seeing next year. Here are a few we are already obsessed with.

Meaningful Objects

2023 will be all about surrounding yourself with the little things that matter most. If you have family pieces that have been passed down (say, your grandfather’s pipe collection or great-grandmother’s pie plates), now is the time to dust them off and find a place for them. If you have yet to acquire pieces like this, don’t worry; this gives you a great excuse to head to some local antique shops and find home decor items that speak to you.

Mood Coloring

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Wallpaper, cabinets, furniture, you name it…the deeper, richer hue, the better in 2023. We love how when dark colors are paired with the right lighting, they instantly make any room feel warm and cozy. The best way to upgrade your space and slowly transition to more moody vibes is by giving your walls a fresh coat of paint in a shade darker and richer than what you’ve got.

Bring Nature In

(image via the decoist via rerucha studio)

Over the last few years, we’ve seen more designers incorporating nature into their rooms by way of baskets, real wood accents, and houseplants. And good news if this is your thing because the trend is here to stay.

Appliances, But Make Them Fashion

(image via decor pad via m house development)

Homeowners and designers are opting for sleek stovetops, refrigerators, and ovens that not only get the job done but look classy doing so. Gone are the days of identical appliances. In 2023, you’ll consider color, shape, style, and functionality when making your decisions.


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In 2023, we’ll see more locally handmade pieces in the home. Just think about it: Would you rather spend money on a mass-produced item that makes a big-box store even richer or find a unique piece handmade by a local maker and support their dream? We think we know the answer to that one. You may be surprised by how much talent is around you.

Cue the Lights

(image via house beautiful via ivan stevanovic/getty)

You may have seen the TikToks about never using overhead lighting and instead opting for string lights, lamps, and candles in your home to create an all-around warmer aesthetic. Well, once again, TikTok wasn’t far off. In 2023, many people will be opting to change their lighting based on a room’s purpose. For example, a kitchen may have brighter light because you have to be able to see, whereas the living room will have warmer, softer light to create a space to relax.

Home Bars

(image via the spruce via @thethriftymushroom)

It doesn’t matter how much space you have or whether you’re making cocktails or mocktails – homeowners and designers are getting creative when it comes to creating home bars for entertaining. We’ll cheers to that!

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