Why Are Aussies in Love With F45 Fitness?

You may not have heard of F45, but most of us haven’t — considering it was started in Australia. But this isn’t just a fitness trend, it’s a complete craze that is becoming the most popular exercise fad in the entire country. The first gym to offer F45 classes was in Sydney. Today, this craze has spread all the way to Venice, California and to places all around the world.

F45 Characteristics

How does F45 differ from other exercise trends like P90X, HIIT and SoulCycle? There are many different F45 programs and routines out there, but there are always specific features that distinguish F45 from other fads. This exercise craze has its own characteristics that are always part of the routine.

  • F45 is conducted in 45-minute sessions. You’ll be moving at a fast pace, and probably sweating, the entire time. This is a very high-speed exercise routine that will truly test your limits.
  • Multiple muscle groups are engaged through F45, which is built primarily around bodyweight exercises. During a typical F45 class, you’ll perform burpees, squats, twisting, running and other body-only exercises.
  • Along with classic bodyweight or functional exercises, F45 uses circuit training and various equipment to help you break a sweat. Rowing machines, barbells and ropes are often integrated into the program as well.
  • To help you maintain a high level of energy and intensity, F45 is typically conducted with hip hop music in the background.

Working Out

The F45 exercise craze is very similar to CrossFit and HIIT, which use fast-paced exercises that engage multiple muscle groups all over the body. F45 actually stands for “Functional 45,” which is a pretty good description of what this workout is like. The exercise program combines cardio, interval training and strength training into a single 45-minute workout that tones the body, builds muscle and burns calories.

Several high-profile celebs, including Cardi B and Hugh Jackman, have already jumped onboard the F45 fitness train. They’ve taken to social media to tout the benefits of this new, trendy exercise program that is spreading like wildfire everywhere. Soon, you’re going to start seeing F45 gyms everywhere.

Getting Results

True F45 is built around group fitness, so you’ll be one of many working out. It’s also very tech-friendly, so you’re encouraged to wear your smartwatch and other fitness devices while working out. This is a modern workout built around age-old strength-building techniques. It took Australia by storm quickly and pretty effortlessly, so there’s definitely something people like about F45 fitness.

F45 has found its way to 37 countries and has expanded to more than 1,300 franchises. Maybe it’s time for you to try this Australian exercise craze, too.

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