Try These Natural Allergy Remedies

Seasonal allergies are extremely common – and extremely annoying. For some people, allergy medications manage symptoms with minimal side effects. For others, they are a last resort due to the drowsiness or other side effects they can cause. If you find yourself in the latter category, it might be time to try some of these natural allergy remedies.

Keep Your Space Clean

A clean house can help to minimize allergies. Think about the air circulating through your home: Whether through an open door or your vents, outside air can make its way inside. Dust itself is also an allergen, so the more often you clean and dust your home, the better!

Invest in a Neti Pot

Just as you need to keep your home clean to minimize allergies, you should also be keeping your nose clean. Neti pots can help clear out your nostrils, ensuring your mucus membrane isn’t holding onto any of that aggravating pollen. Gross as it may seem, a neti pot typically provides a level of relief you just aren’t going to get elsewhere.

Deal With Any Stress

Stress can impact your immune system, which is why high stress levels can cause you to get sick. The same goes for allergies: If you have high levels of stress, your allergy symptoms may worsen. Whether you hit the gym or rely on an adult coloring book, so long as you’re keep your stress in check, you’ll be doing the same for your allergies.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can minimize your allergy symptoms by both boosting your immune system and offering a natural detox for your body. Essential oils drive away bacteria, which in turn helps you to fight infections, allergies, and other illnesses. Just a few hours of running a diffuser can make a big difference in your ability to breathe normally on particularly allergen-heavy days.

Increase Your Vitamin C Intake

To minimize allergy symptoms, try increasing the amount of food you eat that contains natural antihistamines. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables are great for your body for many reasons, including being high in antihistamines. Increase your produce intake and see if that makes a difference.

Allergies can leave you feeling relatively miserable. Rather than allowing pollen-heavy air content to ruin your day, test out some of these natural remedies. Who knows, they just may offer you the relief you’ve been waiting for!

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