Summer Temps and Humidity Increase Headaches

Blame the strain of adjusting to seasonal high temperatures and humidity for your summertime headaches. Neurologists say summer is prime time for headaches because the strain increases the risk of head pain by 24 percent or even more. But summer brings along its own cure—standing outside in the sun for 30 minutes three times each week without sunscreen.

Soaking in the sun’s rays and increasing your body’s stores of vitamin D3 can cut headache flareups by 33 percent. That’s because D3, the “sunshine vitamin,” relaxes blood vessels and makes the spasms that causes headaches less likely.

If you are going to take the “sunshine vitamin” cure, you should know about the power of pomegranate to prevent sunburn.

The pomegranate offers nature’s best source of ellagic acid, a potent natural sunscreen that boosts protection against UV rays by 26 percent, often in as little as 5 days. Enjoy one-third cup of the sweet, tart fruit’s seeds or 2 oz. of pomegranate juice daily. An added bonus is that ellagic acid helps your skin look younger and healthier by reducing the risk of age spots and strengthening collagen.


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