Seven Exercise Ideas for People Who Hate Exercising

You probably know that exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. However, not everyone enjoys traditional forms of exercise. It can seem tedious, challenging, and frustrating. For those who have no interest in working out, there’s hope. Here are seven exercise ideas that can make you forget you’re exercising.

Dance Fitness

When you’re out at a club dancing, you may not realize you’re burning calories. Dance fitness classes like Zumba and hip-hop combine fun routines with aerobic exercises. These classes typically have lively music and passionate instructors. You can opt for in-person or virtually, like this online Zumba workout.

The environment creates a vibrant atmosphere that encourages participants to let loose. Since dancing is a full-body workout, it has several positive impacts, including improved coordination, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. More importantly, it doesn’t feel like a typical workout because you’re having so much fun!

Outdoor Adventures

Lifting weights and running on a treadmill can be flat-out boring. Fortunately, embracing the great outdoors can be a refreshing alternative to traditional workouts. Activities like hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, or cycling can be physically challenging and fun.

Exploring new landscapes and conquering natural obstacles engages the mind and body in a way that traditional exercises can’t. Find local trails, rivers, or parks to discover the wonders of nature while getting a great workout. Because the activities are both mental and physical, they’re great for stress relief and overall health.

Team Sports

If you’re competitive, you might find the motivation to exercise with the spirit of team sports. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, or volleyball, joining a recreational league or gathering friends for a match can make exercise enjoyable. The community aspect of team sports also allows you to satisfy your social needs. Furthermore, you can’t just skip the weekly sports game. Because your team relies on you, there’s that added incentive to show up.

Video Game Workouts

Thanks to technological advancements, video game consoles and virtual reality systems now offer interactive fitness experiences. Games like Ring Fit Adventure and Just Dance combine gaming with physical activity. If you have an Oculus Meta Quest 2 ($299, shop here) or another VR headset, you can burn calories while punching opponents or climbing a mountain. As an added benefit, these games often include tracking features. You can set goals, track calories, and compete with friends.

Water-Based Activities

If you dislike the impact and intensity of traditional workouts, water-based activities might be the perfect solution. Swimming, water aerobics, or aqua cycling are low-impact exercises that offer excellent cardiovascular benefits while being gentle on your joints. And whether you’re in your 20s or 60s, your joints deserve a break.

The buoyancy of water provides resistance and challenges the muscles without placing too much stress on the body. Additionally, spending time in the water can have a calming and therapeutic effect on your mind. Purchase some water weights, like this Osmofuze Water Dumbbells Set ($41.99, shop here), or find a local aqua aerobics class.

Mindful Movement

Traditional exercise often focuses on repetitive motions, but some prefer more mindful and intentional movements. If you’re spiritual or like intention, you may enjoy practices like yoga, tai chi (receive a free seven-day trial here), or Pilates. These disciplines emphasize deep breathing, relaxation, and a mind-body connection. Therefore, they’re suitable for individuals who seek a calmer and more introspective approach to exercise.


If you’ve never tried hitting or kicking a punching bag, you’re missing out. Kickboxing burns massive amounts of calories but is an exciting exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore. And even if you’ve never put on a pair of boxing gloves, kickboxing is easy to learn. In a class emphasizing both upper and lower body exercises, you can burn around eight calories a minute.

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