How to Avoid Overeating

Sometimes it can be difficult not to overindulge at meals. Of course, you should enjoy your meals and leave the table feeling comfortable! But, we don’t want to overeat and cause discomfort. These are some tips on how you can avoid overeating.

Increase Protein

A typical pattern many people fall into is restriction followed by overeating. If you are eating small amounts of protein every few hours with your meals, you will stay fuller longer, as protein is harder to digest. If you go too long without eating, you will be more likely to overeat later. Increasing your protein intake throughout the day can also reduce nighttime snacking.

Plan Your Meals

When you’ve planned what you are going to eat and already have the food you need, you are going to eat it since you’ve already spent money on it and it’s sitting in the fridge. Eliminate spontaneity so you can avoid eating fast food and buying food on an impulse.

Break Your Routine

It is easy to build bad habits and hard to change them. You can break the pattern by including something new that you wouldn’t usually do. Try meditating for 5 minutes right after you get home from work or go for a walk. By introducing new, healthy habits, you will be more likely to break away from the old ones.

Avoid Distractions 

If you are watching a TV show or scrolling through social media while you are eating, you will be distracted and probably won’t notice when you are feeling full. You should avoid distractions and try to focus on your food and how you are feeling. Eating slowly can also help this process.

You Eat What You See

What you see available in your pantry or fridge is what you will start to crave. Having nutritious and wholesome foods in your house is going to help you narrow down your options and help create healthy habits.

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