How Duchess Kate Donned Stilettos 7 Hours After Giving Birth

If you’ve ever given birth, then you know it’s no glamorous process. Between the bleeding, throbbing, swelling and involuntary movements happening as your body repairs itself, it’s hard to imagine getting out of bed right after labor.

So when Kate Middleton emerged from the hospital just 7 hours after giving birth to the royal couple’s 3rd child, it makes you wonder what sort of super recovery system they’re using in the UK.

Watching the Duchess of Cambridge effortlessly walk out of the hospital with hair freshly blown dry is idealistic, but it’s not realistic.

Plus, Middleton has a team of royal staff to wait on her hand and foot – an advantage most women don’t have.

The post-partum phase for a woman can be tough on the mind and body, so be kind to your self during this period.

And as for the question, how does Kate walk out of the hospital just hours after giving birth in stilettos? Not sure, but we do know she’ll appreciate a comfy night gown and slippers the moment the cameras are off.

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