Foods That’ll Nix The Winter Blues

Come winter, there are a lot of people who begin to struggle with bouts of sadness and not realize why. That’s because seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a real thing and it affects people during the cool, winter months. With days being a lot shorter, and the sun not out as often, it’s easy to fall in a rut. The good news is, you don’t have to resign yourself to deal with this for the rest of the winter. You can actually do something about it through food. There are certain fruits and veggies you can eat that’ll help improve your mood. Check out these special foods below and get ready to say bye-bye to depression:

  • Are you up for tomato soup? Tomatoes are a an excellent source of plenty of nutrients, including lycopene, which is great for helping lower depressive symptoms.
  • Avocados have gained huge notoriety these days. They have a powerful combination of A and B vitamins as well as potassium, which are good for increasing serotonin levels. This helps you to stay calm and more relaxed. Eat them regularly to see a difference.
  • Spinach is a green leaf powerhouse veggie. It contains folate, calcium, magnesium and vitamin K. Folate is known for helping to improve depression.
  • Sweet potatoes are a classic winter veggie that’s also great for helping eliminate depression. It’s a complex carb that helps to increase serotonin levels.

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