Cheap Frozen Foods That Are Good For Your Health

Frozen foods often get a bad reputation for being cheap and unhealthy options. Between microwave dinners and ice cream, it’d be a major contradiction to put “healthy” and “frozen” in the same sentence. But you can!

Whether you’re looking to limit meat, cut fat, or maximize your intake of fiber and nutrients, you can get your primary needs met with frozen foods. And they don’t have to be expensive options either. Take a look at this list of foods that are both frozen and healthy. That way you no longer have to worry about storage and can up the convenience level of your food. Please note, the foods on this list are under $5.

Edamame – For under $2, you can enjoy the wonderful taste of edamame. A single serving has a quarter of your day’s vitamin C and three grams of protein.

Brussels Sprouts – For just $2.50, you can enjoy this tasty tiny cabbage. It contains 12 percent of your day’s fiber needs and 90 percent of your vitamin C. It also only caries 45 calories and just 15 milligrams of sodium.

Sliced Peaches – For just $3 bucks, you can enjoy frozen peaches. They are a great option for when they aren’t in season.  A 10-slice portion of frozen peaches accounts for just 146 calories. However, it contains 11 percent of your day’s fiber, more than twice your daily vitamin C requirement.

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