Bodyweight Fitness is the Exercise Trend to Watch in 2019

If you want to follow one of the biggest upcoming exercise trends in 2019, you won’t need any fancy equipment. Forget about climbing on a machine, finding the right resistance bands or attaching wearable tech to your body. To be in on a huge fitness trend next year, all you need is you.

Bodyweight Fitness

Trend watchers and fitness experts are predicting that bodyweight fitness will see a surge in the year to come, and that’s great news for budget-conscious exercisers who don’t want to buy even one piece of equipment. For this trend, you won’t need anything extra. The concept behind bodyweight fitness is incredibly simple: you have all the tools you need to tone your muscles, slim your size and get the shape you want all inside your own body.

Old School Exercise

In truth, the concept of bodyweight fitness is nothing new. In fact, bodyweight exercises have been around for what feels like forever. The same way fashion trends have a way of re-emerging after years of being dormant, exercise trends sometimes come and go, too. In 2019, bodyweight fitness is expected to come on the scene in a big way. Embrace “old school” exercises, and you’ll be working out just like any trendsetter.

You’re already familiar with bodyweight fitness exercises, though you may not know it. Just think about classic exercises, and you’ll be in the perfect frame of mind to follow this trend. Push-ups, sit-ups, bridges, squats, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks—these moves are often the foundation for exercise routines, and they all have one thing in common: no equipment is needed.

The Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight fitness is exactly what it sounds like: using the weight and strength of your own body to tone muscle and burn calories. There are many advantages to relying on bodyweight fitness routines to workout. For starters, this means you can work out just about anywhere. As long as you have a reasonable amount of floor space, you can do an entire exercise routine without ever going to the gym.

You can also design your own bodyweight workout that targets the specific muscle groups you want to focus on, or create a routine that gives you an all-over workout. Target the lower body with lunges, squats, leg lifts, kicks, hip raises, fire hydrants and many other movements. Crunches, double leg lifts, Russian twists and planks are just some of the bodyweight exercises that can help you slim down in the stomach, hips and waist. If you want to tone exact areas, do the exercise in small form, meaning instead of a full crunch, do mini crunches, either right off the ground or starting at the top of the crunch. 

Bodyweight fitness can even be used for cardio. Get your heart rate going with burpees, squat jumps, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, butt kickers and lots of other movements.

A bodyweight workout can be used for a total-body or targeted-area approach, and it can be done anywhere, anytime with little preparation. This makes it a great option for people who have trouble squeezing a fitness routine into their schedule, and for those who just can’t add more equipment, gear and stuff to their exercise collection. Zone into traditional bodyweight moves, and get trendy with exercise going into 2019.

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