4 Shoulder Exercises for Good Posture

Many of us suffer from posture issues. Poor posture could be the result of sitting at a desk all day or from always being on our phones. Often, it’s a combination of the two.

Luckily, there are four simple moves you can do to improve your posture while at your desk.

Half kneeling hip stretch

Without a doubt, the best video we’ve seen on hip flexors. We often stretch our calves, quads, and hams, but we often forget about the flexors. After a long battle with back and shoulder pain, doing hip flexor stretches can have a profound effect on your back and neck pain.

Forward fold yoga pose

If you’re suffering from back pain, explore Adrienne’s YouTube channel; you are bound to learn a lot about proper posture, yoga, and back pain.

Downward dog

Down Dog is one of the poses you’ll practice most in yoga classes today. While it can become a relaxing pose over time, occasionally beginners use it to relieve pain in their shoulders and back. In this video, Gigi offers some simple tips to help you engage more of your lower body to feel strong and confident in this pose.

Chest opener

If you want to avoid worn spinal discs from bad posture, you must learn to open and expand your chest. This video will help you learn everything you need to do to correct your posture.

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