4 Food Combinations That Can Bring Unwanted Health Results

Different people prefer different combinations of food. Some like pungent tastes and some like bland. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are certain combinations of food that can bring unwanted health results. For example, we know that combining beans and soda isn’t a good idea – unless you enjoy bloating and severe gas. But, there are other combinations that are just as unhealthy, yet way too common.  Check out the combinations below:

Bread and Cheese: This combination is common to put together, particularly when you’re on the go. But, when you eat bread with cheese, you’re cancelling out healthy benefits of cheese because bread stops calcium from being digested.

Tomato with Cucumber: Although these two are a common combination, it isn’t healthy because they wreck havoc on the bio chemical pathways. Essentially, they have different digestive times that can confuse the system, so they are best to eat separate. One day, you can do tomato and greens and the next, you can do cucumber and greens.

Potato and Meat: This is another bad combination. Mainly because it’s too heavy. Potato has starch that demands  a lot of digestive fluids to break it down. Meat has protein that demands acidiocones, which is another digestive juice. Put them together and they get stuck. Avoid combining protein and starch all together.

Pasta and minced meat: Just like the potato and steak combo, same goes here. Pasta turns into sugar and that along with the protein in meat is not a good combination for the system. It can also attribute to diabetes later on. It’s best to eat both separately.

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