Y2K Trends That Are Back in Big Ways

We know that fashion is cyclical, and everything eventually comes back into style. And while some of us still feel like Y2K was just yesterday(wasn’t it?), Gen Z is already bringing those “old” trends back in a really big way. While we’ve since set fire to every pair of low-rise, flared jeans we owned, there are a few trends that we aren’t sad about their return. Let’s look at some Y2K trends that are back for a whole new generation to love.

Belly Chains

(image via bustle via stan honda/afp/getty images)

Back in the day, celebs like J.Lo, Christina Aguilera, and Beyoncé led the belly chain craze. The chains were often worn around the midsection, usually with low-rise cargo pants and a crop top (or some variation of this). Today’s belly chains are a little more delicate (as opposed to chunkier versions from the early 2000s). And we are seeing them paired with monochromatic athleisure, bikinis, and, in some instances, high-rise jeans.

Velour Tracksuits

(image via racked via frazer harrison/getty images)

When we hear the words “Y2K fashion,” the velour tracksuit is one of the first trends that comes to mind. We aren’t sure who we can thank, but we know Paris Hilton and Britney Spears heavily influenced Juicy tracksuits being on our “want” list for years. Admittedly, we never thought we would see these again, but the joke is on us. Perhaps we have the pandemic and months of only wearing loungewear to thank for this revival.

Slouchy Trousers

(image via who what wear via getty images)

When you think of casual-chic Y2K fashion, what do you see? Maybe it’s a pair of loosely tailored trousers and a form-fitting tee? Of course, trousers have had their moment a few times over the past few years (most recently in the form of dark academia), but if you’re feeling these Y2K trends, don’t be shocked when you start choosing wide-legged, low-rise trousers. To complete the look, polish off the ’fit with chunky boots or strappy square-toe sandals.

Baguette Bags

(image via elle via ron galella/getty images)

We owe a lot to Sex and the City, but we have Carrie Bradshaw specifically to thank for the baguette bag, which was just big enough to carry our metallic lip gloss, roll-on body glitter, and color-changing butterfly clips. The baguette is steadily becoming an “it” bag once again, and our only hope for the generation is that they brush up on their history and binge Sex and the City to give credit where it’s due.

Flatform Sandals

(image via nylon via frankies bikinis)

Picture this: The year is 2001, and you’ve paired your lightest bell-bottoms with a pastel yellow and hot pink polo top and your flatform flip-flops (the ones with the sparkly silver butterfly, of course). You grab your tiny purse, your pink-tinted glasses, and you’re out the door. Generation Z has successfully brought back flatform sandals, but while the flatforms of Y2K were a bit gaudy, today’s versions are much classier.

How do you feel about these Y2K trends coming back into style? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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