Why You Need A Retro Swimsuit This Summer

This summer isn’t about new trends in swimsuit fashion. This year, it’s all about the old trends that have gone before. This year, retro fashion is hot. Styles made famous in the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s are everywhere. Look for the details that give trendy swimsuits the hot retro look, and you’ll be ready for any poolside or beach event.

High Waists

The high-waisted look was highly popular in 1950s bathing suit fashion. Take a look at any beach movie of the era, and you’ll see all Hollywood’s cuties wearing this trend. The FLORAL PARADISE HIGH-WAISTED BIKINI FOR $29 perfectly captures this retro look.

High Cut

Maybe an ’80s vibe is more your style. If it is, you will love the high-cut trend that’s happening this summer. Look for bikini bottoms and one piece swimsuits that reveal lots of hip if you love a rad 1980s look that’s back again. The Danielle Striped Over The Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit for $195 is designed with fierce ’80s-inspired style. Pair it with some vibrant sunglasses and you’ll be the height of retro beach fashion.


Get a newer retro look, and get a swimsuit that’s a throwback to ’90s fashion. Sporty tankinis are back on the beaches in a big way this summer, so channel your inner grunge-era goddess and get with this trend. When it comes to this trend, look for sporty designs that are perfect for taking a dip in the ocean or playing a game of beach volleyball. This RUCHED SIDE HALTER TANKINI top for $59 comes with 4 different bikini bottom choices, meaning you can choose how little (or how much) skin you want to show.

Retro Patterns

Look for patterned swimsuits before you hit the pool, and update your summer style with an all-around retro look. Stripes, polka dots and animal prints are going to be everywhere this summer. And since looks from just about every decade are hot right now, you can’t go wrong with a look inspired by the 1960s, ’70s and beyond. The Beausom High Waisted Swimsuit has a gorgeous retro striped pattern that harkens back to the days of disco in the 1970s, complete with a halter-inspired bodice.

Feeling Extra

Animal print swimsuits and different types of fabrics will also be a big deal in this year’s beach scene. If you can’t find a retro cut that flatters your shape the way you want, you can always opt for one of these other trends in a style that you like better. Spice up your swimsuit drawer with a little leopard or zebra print, or splurge on the corduroy look.

A Retro Summer

Try wearing styles from the past to get the looks that are totally today, and enjoy retro fashion all summer long. Great fashion is the perfect way to turn heads at any beach or pool party.

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