The Bra Is Your Lingerie Secret Weapon

Bras are more than delicate wisps of lace and pretty scraps of tulle. They are a woman’s secret weapon in the arsenal of lingerie. A woman with large breasts carries a heavy weight in front of her body. Her spine compensates for the weight and the result is a hurting back. Back pain comes because the normal response to all that weight is to roll the shoulders forward so that posture suffers. A woman with smaller breasts sees sagging that results from the pull of gravity over time.

The secret to a good bra is a proper fit that gives support and takes care of both problems. A properly-sized bra lifts the breasts up and in and makes good posture more natural and comfortable. Wearing a bra as regularly as possible delays the sagging and ill-shaping the comes with stretching and drooping.

Since your body changes over time and bra sizes vary according to manufacturer, you should insure the right fit by getting measured every six months when you shop. The right bra fit for your shape can improve your posture as well as your confidence. Don’t hesitate to let the bra fitter know how you want to feel in your bra.

Are you wearing the right bra?

Your bra straps shouldn’t need constant tightening. If your straps are always digging into your shoulders or falling off your shoulders, your bra doesn’t fit correctly. If the band of your bra rubs and irritates, the bra is too small for your breasts. If your breasts bulge over the cups either at the front or the sides, then the bra doesn’t fit correctly.

If you’ve hooked your bra band to its tightest and the bra slides around easily, the bra is too big. When you buy a new bra, find one that fits correctly when fastened at the loosest hook. Over time as the bra band stretches with wear, you can move to fastening on the tighter hooks. The bra size that you wear in one brand won’t necessarily be the size you’ll buy in another brand. Try to get professionally fitted when you switch to a different brand.

Your bras will last and stay in shape longer if you wash them inside a laundry bag and hang them to dry. Don’t subject them to the tumble dryer.


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