Pack These Must-Haves for Your Summer Getaway

Summers are meant for long stretches lounging by the pool or sea. Recreation can be as arduous as running into the surf or as lazy as getting up to fetch another cool one from the ice chest. Whether it’s a three-day weekend or a flat-out, unplugged two weeks at the lake, you should be ready for everything sun, sand and water have to offer. Getting away will be easy breezy when you’re throwing these vacation accessories into the car.

Alex Mika Canvas Beach Clutch,$115.00, available at Alex Mika.

Save space in your suitcase with this clutch that lies completely flat.

Paravel Stowaway Collapsible Leather-trimmed Canvas Suitcase, $425.00, available at Net-A-Porter.

This cult accessory collapses for easy storage and has plenty of space for when you get a little too carried away shopping abroad. Made from the label’s signature waterproof canvas and leather, it’s playfully adorned with an ‘Out of Office’ motif.

MVMT Cypher, $75.00, available at MVMT.

Sunglasses that are engineered for optimal balance, comfort and durability. Affordable enough so that losing them in the water won’t be a tragedy, but cute enough that you’ll want to replace this bronze lensed, gold rimmed pair again as soon as you get to shore.

Freya Half Moon Bag, $125.00, available at Freya.

Your beach basket bag doesn’t have to be a tote. This half moon straw throws a little extra style into the mix.

Donni. & Sophie Monet Silk Summer Hoops, $169.00, available at Sophie Monet.

Add just one pair of incredibly lightweight statement hoops to your swimsuit and sandals and you’ve got an entire wardrobe for the whole weekend. Sophie Monet’s signature pine hoops curve elegantly and are accented with a mini DONNI silk scarf intricately twisted and tied.

Paravel Stowaway, $345.00, available at Paravel.

A collapsible suitcase that stores flat, the Stowaway is an ingenious twist on a classic. Keep one tucked inside larger bags for overnight excursions or for when your shopping tendencies get the best of you.

Hat Attack Roll Up Travel Visor, $80.00, available at Shopbop.

This roll up visor is perfect for travel and affords sun protection you can take on the road.


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