Square-Toe Shoes Are a Fashion Must-Have

It’s easy to be dazzled by celebrity outfits because they get clothes from all the top designers. And if you happen to look lower, you’re going to notice that suddenly, they’re all wearing square-toed heels and sandals. Pointy toed heels are totally out, and it’s the square toe that everyone wants to wear right now. From sandals to heels to any other shoe style you can name, all of the trendy new shoes have this look. 

Ahead of the Curve

Pointed and curving shoe styles have carried the day in fashion for a long time now, but now those looks may make your outfits look dated. Go see the newest shoes sitting on display shelves, and you’re going to see that they all have one thing in common: the square toe. The toe end of the shoes is completely straight across, and you can see distinct corners on either side. Anything with a curving or pointed toe end is totally last year, and it’s going to immediately make your style look, well, pretty out of style.

Wearing Square Toes

When you’re shopping for the new look, set some ground rules for yourself. Square toes can be unforgiving when you don’t get a perfect fit. In other words, make sure you’re sure before you buy. There’s little to no wiggle room in square toe shoe designs — and we do mean that literally. A good pair of square-toe shoes will end just past the tips of your toes so that your feet have enough room to spread out naturally, but just enough for that and no more. If your shoes are even a little tight, they’re going to be pressing against the tips of your toes; this may cause you considerable pain. Take the time to get the fit right, because you really shouldn’t have to suffer for the sake of shoes (no matter how cute they are).

Get Stylish

You don’t want to spend your entire season’s budget on shoes, but you can get your feet in style without breaking the bank. Get just one or two pairs of square-toed shoes in an easy-to-match color like black or white. Invest your money in some colorful shoe jewelry clips, and now you can give your square-toes shoes a different look for all your different outfits.

Instead of changing your shoes, just change out your shoe jewelry. This is a more affordable way to follow the shoe trend of the year and save up your money — because you’re going to need to buy for the next trend that comes along, right?

Get the trendy shoe look, and all of the outfits you put together will look totally fashionable all season long.

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