Spring Fashion is Flooded With Waist-Cinching Styles

The must-have accessory for spring fashion this year is the simple belt. It has become the most important accent of every spring look, and it’s definitely meant to be a focal point for your outfit. Use some style tricks to add this accent to your looks this spring, so you can stay on trend all season long.

Bigger is Better

Wear a wide belt this spring if you’re going to wear any belt at all. Big belts are hot in the fashion world, and these bigger belts also have a slimming effect. This look will emphasize your waist — and that, in turn, emphasizes your curves. A big belt is a flattering look when you wear it the right way. So make sure you know the right way to wear it!

Get a Couple of Great Colors

You can get through the entire spring season on two or three different color belts. A wide black belt is an absolute essential. This accessory looks great over long sleeve sweaters, dresses and trenches.

Get a wide belt in a soft neutral shade as well. A tan, light pink or soft gray will pair beautifully with many different color combinations for those outfits when black might be a little too severe. If you get a belt in a neutral tan color, it will match perfectly with your nude heels.

Have a third belt on hand this spring if possible. A faux leather belt makes a great fashion statement, or make your third option a little more vivid and a lot bolder. A bright red, golden yellow or shocking orange will create a vibrant splash of color that will immediately draw the eye.

Emphasize the Style

Get the most out of this fashion trend by pairing your wide belts with the right clothing styles. Anything that flares out over the hips will look amazing with a wide belt. The contrast of the wide hips will make your waist look smaller and your curves even curvier. A jacket with lapels or a shirt with a wide collar will add some emphasis around the bustline when compared against the cinched waist. Many new spring fashions and jackets will have belts included this season because the trend is exploding.

It’s easier to wear this trend than to ignore it. Waist-cinching styles are everywhere. Experiment with different pieces and colors, and wear this look the right way to see how great the belt trend can look on you.

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