Ready Your Style for an Overhaul

Fashion experts advise investing in classics that work with every piece in your wardrobe. The investment pays off because classics won’t date easily, they mix and match into different outfits and they will take you from desk to dinner with ease. But how do you organize your closet to make room for these timeless pieces? And how do you decide what really, really has to go?

Go through your entire wardrobe and separate everything into three piles: “Keep”, “Donate” and “Alter or Dry Clean”.

You may have lost interest in some items that are worth keeping simply because you’ve worn “millennial pink” every other day for a year or because check prints feel so much fresher than all that plaid you’ve collected. No problem. Just stash the perfectly good pieces in the back of the closet and pull them out once you’ve gotten over your momentary boredom.

It’s the really “stick-a-fork-in-it” “over-and-done-with-it” pieces that you’ll want to ditch with no hesitation. Here are a few hints.

Ugg boots. Unless you just have to wear them with pajamas on cold snowy mornings.

Handkerchief tops. Super-low hipster jeans.

Denim leggings that combine all the worst parts of jeans and leggings in one unflattering garment. Frump pumps that boast round toe, tapered heel, and thick hidden platform. You teetered, you tottered, now toss ‘em.

Peep-toe cork wedges. Kate Middleton has ditched hers. You can, too. Lace-up corsets. Fanny packs. They were big in the ‘80s and made a return in 2017 as belt bags, but we’re over them now for good.

Tiered prairie skirts. Fringe handbags.
They’ve had their day.

Once you’ve made these tough decisions, organize everything you want to keep by style and then by color.

Drop off your donations, repairs and dry-cleaning items. Sometimes alterations such as hemming a dress can revive your interest in an existing piece.

Now you’re ready to stock your wardrobe with classic investment pieces. Make a plan that focuses on neutral colors like white, black, nude, navy and red. These work well together and don’t date easily. Save pops of color for accessories that demonstrate your individual style.



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