Outfit Feeling Kinda Blah? Try This.

We’ve all been there: we plan the outfit, put it on, go to the mirror expecting to be serving a LOOK, and…something is missing. Odds are, you lack a bit of dimension. Perhaps the proportions are off, or the color just isn’t it, or maybe it’s as simple as adding an accessory. No biggie! We’ve got a few tips for when you find yourself in this predicament.

Check your shoes

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If you feel like you need to polish off your outfit, grab your favorite pair of heels. Are heels not your thing? Pointed toe flats, wedges, or platforms can help you achieve a more put-together look.

If you feel too put together and your outfit could use some edge, grab some checkered vans, Doc Martens, or Converse to up the cool.

Feelin’ frumpy? Change up your whole look by opting for a pair of super trendy sneakers. Whether you prefer crisp white sneaks or a vibrant retro look, there is no doubt that the right pair of shoes will take your outfit to the next level.

Top Time

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If you’re a fan of Tan France (and seriously, who isn’t?), you already know what we’re about to tell you to do: french tuck that shirt, baby girl.

Not everyone loves a french tuck, and that’s okay. If the tuck isn’t your thing, but you still feel your shirt needs some spice – tie it in a knot. Tucking or knotting could add just the amount of detail you’re looking for.

Mix it up

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There is something so chic about a black and white striped top french tucked into destructed denim. But if this feels a little “blah” to you, find a way to incorporate another pattern.

You can do this with a vintage scarf – find your favorite, brightest print and use your scarf as a headband or necktie – or opt to change up your shoes. Instead of a solid, go for a textured or patterned shoe. Mixing patterns is super simple, and the possibilities are endless.


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Sometimes all you’re missing is some jewelry. Statement earrings are trending this year, as are mismatched earrings. Not an earring person? Not a problem. Bangles, hats, or stacked rings can add that touch of sparkle your outfit may be lacking.

Roll ‘Em Up

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A complete outfit might be just a roll or two away. Give your cuffs a couple of turns, and watch your outfit transform. Cuffing is also a great way to show off your shoes.

Opposites Attract

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Step out of your comfort zone and throw on a blazer with your favorite graphic tee or crop top. If a blazer isn’t quite the look you’re going for, try a leather jacket to add some edge.

Layer Up

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Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is more. If you need a little something extra, consider where you can add a layer. A turtleneck under a jumper? A chunky sweater over a delicate dress or skirt? A flannel tied around the waist? Textured or patterned tights? Perfect the art of layering to keep your outfit looking trendy and your body warm.

Cinch It

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Sometimes it’s not that something is missing from an outfit – sometimes, it’s the shape that’s not quite right. Don’t get us wrong, we love oversized clothing as much as the next person, but sometimes what an outfit needs is a cinched waist.

Play around with the belt and decide whether you would like to keep it hidden (let a chunky sweater fold over it) or show it off. Either way, changing up your silhouette might be the key to taking your outfit from “this is fine” to “okay, go off!”

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